Zvuková karta přes USB, Gembird Virtus Plus

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Kód: 370232
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Part No.: SC-USB2.0-01

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Premium USB sound card, "Virtus Plus"
This easy to install USB sound adapter provides an additional sound card for your PC or laptop. Just plug the adapter into any free USB port, connect your headset or speaker.
Perfect for laptops
Easy to install

   Premium quality stereo USB sound card
   Integrated chipset for high quality audio
   3.5 mm stereo output for speakers or headphones
   3.5 mm microphone input socket
   Plug-and-play installation


USB 2.0 AM input plug
3.5 mm sockets: stereo output, microphone mono input
Compliant with USB Audio Device Class Specs 1.0
48K/44.1KHz for both playback and recording
Chipset: CMedia CM108B
Dimensions: 52 x 23 x 12 mm
Net weight: 9 g



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